Task Orders

Task Order #1

The inaugural project for the LITES network (Task Order #1) will be to conduct an observational study with the primary aim to understand the epidemiology of traumatic injuries in the US; including regional variations in severity and types of injury, modes and methods of management, and survival and recovery rates (outcomes). This initial foundational study will also yield important guidance and create opportunities to improve efficiency for subsequent clinical research to be conducted using the LITES capability, including but not limited to directing certain lines of research to the most appropriate centers and systems within the network.


Task Order #2

The second project of the LITES Network (Task Order #2) is a four-year observational study examining the use of whole blood resuscitation compared to component resuscitation in poly-trauma patients with hemorrhagic shock. The study will further characterize outcome benefits in those with traumatic brain injury and blood pressure and resuscitation endpoints in poly-trauma patients with traumatic brain injury.