Prehospital Airway Control Trial (PACT)

Quarterly EMS Newsletter #7

June 16, 2021

We started on April 1, 2021!

Shout outs: In our very first month of this 4-year study, the following EMS services enrolled

STAT MedEvac – Pittsburgh, PA
City of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh, PA
AMR Clackamas – Clackamas County, OR
Metro West Ambulance – Clackamas County, OR
Tualatin Fire and Rescue – Clackamas County, OR
Nashville Fire – Nashville, TN
Louisville Metro – Louisville, KY
St. Matthew Fire and Rescue – Louisville, KY
Lenoir County EMS – Lenoir County, NC
Vidant Eastcare – NC
St. Louis Fire – St. Louis, MO
New Orleans EMS – New Orleans, LA
Grady EMS – Atlanta, GA
Chicago FD – Chicago, IL

Interested in participating in the study at a higher level? We have lots of ways!

  1. Join the Study Monitoring Committee to discuss the progress of this study monthly
  2. Have your EMS service provide cardiac monitor files to follow your enrollments with highly granular data to identify trends
  3. Help spread the word! We are having EMS services and trauma centers work together to identify screen fails and misses but having people remind each other is a huge part of the success of this study!

Fun Fact!

The database we use to collect PACT data is an amazing tool that….

Accrual Graph

Friendly Charting Reminders

(what the researchers will be looking for!)

How was successful airway placement confirmed? Please document all methods of confirmation.
  • Digital ETCO2 detector with waveform (Capnography)
  • Digital ETCO2 detector without waveform (Capnometry)
  • Colorimetric ETCO2 detector
  • Direct Visualization
  • Chest rise
  • Bilateral breath sounds 
If the airway was unsuccessful or abandoned, please note the airway type (i-gel, ETT) and all complications, but not limiting to:
  • Unable to verify correct placement
  • Difficult environment
  • Facial trauma
  • Obstruction
  • Clenched teeth
  • Swelling in the airway
  • Difficult to see the vocal cords
  • Other (blood, vomit, secretion in airway): please explain.
If airway was removed prior to end of call/transfer of higher level of care, document reason:
  • Airway moved
  • Ventilation difficulties
  • Accidental removal
  • Other: please explain. 

Enrollment QR code!

When enrolling a patient into the study:

Step 1:  Evaluate patient to see if they meet inclusion and no exclusions

Step 2: Place necessary trauma airway based on which arm of the study your service is currently on and transport to your participating LITES trauma center

Step 3:  Tell someone!  Make sure to follow your local guidelines on if you should be using the QR code or imbedding “PACT enrollment!” into your run-sheet

Step 4: Provide GREAT documentation so the researchers can use your data!

Thank you for your continued patience and support for this study!


Monthly SMC Meetings

2nd Friday of each month at 1000hrs (EDT)


Monthly All-Site Calls with Research Team

4th Wednesday of each month at 1300hrs (EDT)


Email for the study team

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